Farbek Mineheim

Aarakocra monk


Age: 8
Height: 5’0"
Weight: 85 lbs
Physical: Yellow eyes, white and brown feathers. Wings on back (10’ wingspan), separated from arms that end in sharp talons.
Clothing: Simple brown robes (with feather-holes), a deer-skull headpiece, a multicolored Koetyvan pendant.
Equipment: A belt that holds multiple darts, a pack that carries various throwable weapons and survival tools, a shortsword strapped to side.


Farbek Mineheim has never seen the Elemental Plane of Air, the birthplace of the aarakocra. His story began 8 years ago when a freak storm materialized over the land of Koetru. The chaotic winds spawned an elemental node, temporarily bridging the gap between the Elemental Plane and the Material Plane. As if the node alone wasn’t rare enough, an aarakocra egg inexplicably fell through the planar gap, landing unharmed near a dwarven Koetyvan temple known as the Glowstone Monastery. Shortly after the storm subsided and the node vanished, an elder monk named Stelbut Mineheim came upon the egg. The dwarf believed in lending a hand to all those in need of help, therefore decided to raise the unfamiliar egg. This was the aarakocra’s first and greatest lesson which continues to influence him to this day.

Farbek, plainly named after his bizarre avian features, emerged from his shell under a dwarven roof. The monks – having only heard of aarakocras through stories – nurtured him as any other Dwarf. Farbek spent his 8 years religiously training his mind and body at the monastery under Stelbut’s guidance. Though Farbek lacked the strong dwarven build, his focus on awareness and agility, combined with his self-taught ability to fly, shaped him into a unique warrior monk. He was educated in dwarvish traditions and Koetyvan teachings, learning and growing many times faster than the dwarves around him. At the age of seven, a mere infant for dwarves, Farbek was more patient and mature than his peers five times his age. Even with all of these contrasting features, the other monks still accepted him and treated Farbek as family.

When soldiers arrived to recruit fighters for the war, Farbek volunteered without hesitation. Though he would miss his family and home, the opportunity to explore the world and spread Stelbut’s teachings of Koetyva excited him greatly. It was time to repay the monks by lending a hand to the country in need of help. And so Farbek, an Aarakocra warrior monk raised by religious dwarves, joined the Suicide Corps to begin his adventure with his new-found allies.

Farbek Mineheim

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